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What is Colegio Cristiano La Esperanza? 

Colegio Cristiano La Esperanza is a school operated by Open Hearts Children's Relief Mission.

The school, La Esperanza, is located in Managua's city dump and provides all students with free education, lunch, tutorials, and art classes. Many of these kids would not receive an education if it weren't for La Esperanza.

The Situation 

La Chureca is the name of the neighborhood that is inside of the municipal dump of Managua.  Families are drawn to live here because of extreme poverty and lack of employment in Nicaragua.  During the day, adults and children dig through the trash looking for anything to salvage, eat or recycle.  The family earns a mere $3 over the course of a normal workday.  It is a very difficult way of life.  The children are the ones who suffer the most, being forced to work for or alongside their parents.  Along with the filth of La Chureca,  there is also a strong presence of drugs, alcohol, and prostitution.

             Colegio Cristiano La Esperanza's Mission and Vision 

To share Christ's love with his people through the gospel--knowing that it is truth and the reason for living. Through Christ, nations, communities, and people change.

                                    To create a refuge for the suffering children in La Chureca, where Christ's love will draw them close to him while they receive an education and opportunities for a different future. 

How Does Colegio Crisitano La Esperanza Operate?

Open Hearts Children's Relief Mission is a non-profit organization and part of FUNDAD, a local Nicaraguan foundation. The school operates solely on donations and generous giving--trusting that God will provide for His work to be done.                 

More information

                                    We currently have 335 kids attending grades preschool - 6th grade also 3 levels of multi-grades.

                                   Our morning school term tends to preschool-4th grade while the afternoon school term tends to 5th and 6th grade and the 3 multi-grade classes.