"Where Healing Happens"

It is the goal of Hope Family Health to integrate the best of conventional and holistic medicine.  The practice focuses on nutrititional medicine and natural healing, while optimizing conventional medicine treatments.  Rather than symptom management, where symptoms are masked, the approach at Hope Family Health is to treat the underlying cause.  Symptoms are a sign that there is a health concern that is not being adequately treated.  Many times, nutritional deficiencies (deficits), stress, genetic factors (that are triggered by lifestyle or environmental factors), among various other variables contribute to the illnesses patients suffer from.  The body systems are all connected and treating one medical condition without considering the others will produce less successful results than comprehensive care.
Patient education, prevention, and wellness promotion are all the primary focus of care at Hope Family Health.  While Hope Family Health is not a replacement for your primary care provider, it is a resource for those who would like to benefit from a wellness model of health care.  Patients who are healthy and take steps to remain well are more likely to have long-term positive outcomes in the future.  "Medical Care" is the medical model in our current health care system.  It is a disease-focused approach in medicine rather than "Health Care" from a wellness-focused approach in prevention.
Located in a suburb of Rochester, NY, Hope Family Health, NP PLLC is a solo practice, owned and operated by Tammy McGarvey, MSN, RN, FNP-BC in the "Ideal Medical Practice" model where the focus is on keeping overhead costs low, so the patient is the focus. Hope Family Health provides personalized care and Tammy takes time with each patient. The "assembly-line" or "bull dozer" approach to medical care is not optimal.

 Ideal Medical Practice
    • Personalized healthcare
    • Efficient (Electronic Medical Records and use of technology to provide services)
    • Accessible (Fewer barriers between the provider & the patient) 
    • Affordable (low-overhead)
    • Independent (Self-Pay puts the patient in control of his/her care) 
    • Cutting-Edge (Telemedicine visits offered when appropriate)


Coaching & Support

  • Health Coaching
  • Patient Education
  • Individual Support
  • Group Support Opportunities
  • Referral to Community Resources
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Holistic & Natural Healing
  • Nutritional Supplementation
  • Lifestyle Modification
  • Environmental Evaluation
  • Caring for the whole person: 

               Body, Mind & Spirit~     

  • Functional Medicine:

 What is Functional Medicine?


Preventative Care
                  • Health Promotion
                  • Patient and Family Education
                  • Nutritional Consultation
                  • Risk Assessment
                             Conventional Medicine
      • Laboratory & Diagnostic Testing
      • Medical Diagnosis •
      • Knowledge of Medical Conditions
      • Understanding Medications and Interactions with Natural Remedies
      • Prescribing of Medications, when Necessary

        Art & Science of Nursing Care

  • Patient Advocate
  • Change Agent:  (Encouraging positive changes)
  • Applying Nursing Research to Patient Care
  • Compassionate, Holistic Care
  • Promote coping skills