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It's A Girl!!! - the arrival of Baby Beeman

Wednesday October 24th, 2007 my sister in law gave birth to a little girl, Kathryn Esther Beeman! Kathryn weighed 7 lbs. 8 oz. and measured 22"  We love her already, and are grateful to the Lord for keeping both Rachel and Kathryn safe during the delivery!


And 5 more months make 10 :) - posted September 19th, 2007

Well, not a whole lot has changed! :) We have been keeping busy!

We are down to one car now, so that has changed our lives. James got a raise at his job, which we are very grateful to God for! We are hoping to be able to move into a rent house in December or January. We are hoping to have Hope's gallbladder removed next month! Something she is very excited about, since this has been an issue ever since Patrick was born (although thankfully not a painful one for over a year now!)   Patrick is growing like a weed, and def. becoming more and more "boyish" and less and less "babyish".  He is tons of fun!

Our biggest news is that Hope's brother, Jedidiah, and his wife Rachel, are expecting a baby in November! We are all so excited for Baby Bee to arrive!

Hope you all are doing well!


5 Months Later - posted April 2nd, 2007

A lot has happened since my last post here! If you keep up with the blogs, then you've heard about them, but I'll go ahead and post them here, since I'd like to keep this sort of up to date! ;)

Just a day before Thanksgiving, we learned that our second child had gone home to be with the Lord. I went in for a sonogram, and there was no heartbeat. Our baby was almost 8 weeks.  We named him or her Jamie. We were grieved to lose our baby, but we know that God has a purpose for everything he allows. Jamie will always be a part of our hearts, even though we never got to me him/her.



Just a few weeks after that, Patrick had his first birthday! We enjoyed having a party for him at our house, with our families and some friends.

One week after his party was our moving day! We moved from our 3 bedroom house in Greenville to a 2 bedroom apartment in Garland (and on the 3rd floor!) There are things to enjoy and miss living here, but we are greatful to be closer to James' work, as well as a good neighborhood, an extra bathroom and a DISHWASHER! :)  Our family and friends were a huge help with our move - they even moved our piano up to the 3rd floor--yes, true friends!

Just a few weeks later we celebrated Christmas ~ and less than a week after that, we found ourselves in Wisconsin for the wedding of my brother Jedidiah to Rachel! What a wonderful time that was!

Things slowed down somewhat after that, and we are working on adjusting to our totally new life! We also felt the Lord leading us in new directions as far as our Church, so indeed, our whole life has changed. It is sometimes hard, and I especially seem to have a hard to grasping everything, but life is a journey, and I know that the Lord is with me and helping me!

James' new job is going well. He also is teaching two evenings a week. Last week he got to do a gig with friends, and yesterday our former fiddle class got together for a reunion of sorts, and to play together!

The Lord is so good to us. We don't deserve anything, yet He gives us so many good gifts!

As always, feel free to check out our blogs for current updates of our lives!


Big Changes in the Gallagher Household!!!  - posted November 1st, 2006

We are VERY excited to announce that we are expecting another baby! Indeed 'tis true! Baby #2 is on it's way!!!! We are thinking he/she will be here sometime around June of 2007!

Another wonderful change is that my brother Jedidiah is courting!!! A wonderful girl named Rachel Vande Hei who is from Wisconsin. We are so excited about all the is ahead for them!!!

and the last "big change" is thatJames got a new full time job! It is a big answer to prayer. He is now working at Weirs, in Dallas. So, who knows. We might be moving!! (exciting and sad at the same time!)

So, that's our update!


The Summer in Review - posted September 3rd, 2006

late June: The Beemans, James, Hope and Patrick go to California to attend cousin Jason's wedding. Photos can ve viewed here

July 3rd James and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary!!!! A few photos can be seen here.

July 6th, James turned 29! There is a photo of my precious husband  as a baby here and also a few photos of his birthday which can be seen  here (you have to scroll down a bit)

Other News: our little firstborn son is growing and changing like a weed! Everyday he becomes more of a joy and delight to us! Don't forget to check his blog from time to time-he likes to keep it updated with all the latest news and pictures!! ;)

I enjoyed having the Schatte ladies over the other afternoon. We had a lovely visit together, some refreshments and even got a teeny bit of scrapbooking in, too! I hope to post some photos on our blogs eventually!

I got my hair cut in July! Quite short for me (I've only ever had my hair this short one other time in my life!)

A friend of mine (one of my two "young married" friends who live around here) was in a very serious car accident witth her two small children the middle of August. Thank the Lord that they all survived (sadly the other driver did not) but my friend has a long road to recovery ahead of  her. The babies also have some recovery to do. Please pray for Analiese and her children (as well as both of the extended families)

Well, hopefully I'll do better at updating this! We shall see. I have yet to update our family albums, so for now if you'd like to see recent photos, check Hope's Blog and Patrick's Blog 

Dad Gallagher's Birthday Celebration! - posted September 3rd, 2006

Yesterday the Gallaghers and Beemans got together to celebrate Dad's birthday! We went ice skating, then for a "picnic"! It was very enjoyable!!!












Visit with dear friends - posted June 9th, 2006

Yesterday my mom, Patrick and I got to visit with some dear friends who we had not seen in awhile. It was a very enjoyable time! It was their first time to meet Patrick, and our first time to meet one of their sons!












Recitals, Recitals, Recitals!!! - posted May 27th, 2006

We've been busy lately with RECITALS! I love to attend these--it is so wonderful to hear each student play their piece, and hear the progress they have made! So far it's 4 recitals/concerts down, 1 more to go! Tonight is the last concert of the semester. To view more photos from our recitals, click here












Fiddle Concert - posted May 21st, 2006                                                                                                                                               Yesterday was our fiddle class "The Forgiven Fiddlers" concert! (We're the "forgiven" fiddlers, because Jesus has forgiven our sins) The concert was held outside, and went wonderfully! It was Patrick's first fiddle concert to attend in person, and he was a good boy. His grandparents and friends were a big help watching him too, since both Daddy and Mama played in the concert.  After the concert and visiting with family and friends, some of us went out to Braums . To view more photos from the concert and time at Braums, click here.












Trips, Trips, Trips! - posted May 17th, 2006

Towards the end of April we went, along with Hope's parents to a cabin in Texas! It was a wonderful time. to view more photos of our time together click here 











Almost a week later, we took a short plane trip to Colorado. James had a music "gig" there, and Hope and Patrick got to come along! The concerts went well, and Hope and Patrick enjoyed going to the Aquarium, Zoo and having some time at the hotel.  To see more photos of our trip to Colorado  click here







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