Meet Our Families!


Dennis and Suzi Beeman                                                                                                  Jedidiah And Rachel (Vande Hei) Beeman

Above, Kathryn Beeman, daughter of Jedidiah and Rachel!

Below, L - R Joseph, Marche and Kylee Gallagher - Anna Gallagaher, Naomi Gallagher,    the-soon-to-be Mrs. James Gallagher, Gloria Gallagher, Narda Gallagher, Jim Gallagher, Jonathan Gallagher, Jordan Galllagher, Christine Gallagher


Above, Grandma Lorraine Beeman

Below, Our Beeman Relatives L-R Gustavo and Trisha (Beeman) Bernal, Briana Beeman, Lucy and Curtis Beeman, Carolyn (Lett) and Jason Beeman

Fred and Lynn Gray with Dennis and Suzi (Gray) Beeman                                                                  Jedidiah with Uncle Richard and Aunt Marsha (Beeman) Boyer

The Vande Hei Family ~ L-R ROW ONE  Amy & Amos Vande Hei, Caleb Vande Hei, Joshua Vande Hei, Elijah Vande Hei, Peter Vande Hei,  ROW TWO Ezra Vande Hei, Ruth Vande Hei, Jedidiah Beeman, Naomi Vande Hei, Esther Vande Hei, Lisa Vande Hei ROW THREE Annie Vande Hei (daughter of Amy and Amos) Debbie Vande Hei, Josiah Vande Hei, Abbie Vande Hei (not pictured: Noah Vande Hei, son of Amy and Amos)