Getting To Know You!

About our family of three....

 We are the Gallagher Three: Jame, Hope and Patrick!

James and I met in 1992, at the ripe old ages of 10 and 15.  Our parents had actually met about 6 years earlier at an ATI confrence, but had lost touch with each other.

We spent a very happy childhood/youth together  attending Garland Bible Church, and at some point we managed to grow rather found of each other. Several years followed, but "the" day finally arrived when we started courting. We had a very long courtship, lasting about 26 months, then became engaged in February of 2004.  Less than 5 months later we were married, and a whole new life began! The Lord has given me such a precious gift in my husband. I love him more now than I did when I married him, and I am continually amazed by his patience, calmness, flexibility, and kind loving ways. Marriage is a beautiful, fun and wonderful journey together!

On a cold December morning in 2005 we welcomed into our family our first child - a son. We named him Patrick Ghilcrist which means "Noble servant of Christ".  We are amazed at parenthood. We never knew what if felt like to have a little helpless person totally dependant on you. We never knew what if felt like to love a little one so much that you could cry....until Patrick joined our family and changed our lives forever - and we are so glad he did! We have loved watching him grow into an almost 2 year old so far. What else did we do in the evenings before we had a kid? I mean, what else is as fun as watching the antics of your own little baby as he learns to walk, talk and just learn how everything in this world works??? He is a precious and priceless gift from God!


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