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A computer (one you can actually use for something) is made up of hardware and software.  Software is information.  It's in digital form and it's held in come kind of memory so the hardware can use it.  You can break software down into two basic types:

  • System Software is basic to making the computer work. It lets the different kinds of hardware work together, diagnoses and fixes problems and connects the computer to application software.
  • Application Software does the stuff we want to do on computer, like write, draw pictures, caculate and play music. 


Operating System



Programs are really the reason you have a computer.  Unless you just think computes are pretty.  When you type a letter, browse the web, adjust a photograph, or anything else useful, you're using a program such as a word processor, web browser, or photo editor.  

Programs are also called applications and software.  I use the terms (program, application, software) interchageably.  Although software is a little more generic.



Wireless networking