A welcome from Pastor Scott

Bio: Plain and simple, I am a sinner saved. Old things are sanctifyingly passing away. I am a new creation being conformed into the image of Christ. It is not I who lives but Christ lives in me. I have been crucified with Christ
Rev. Scott A. Johnston 
Below are pictures of Reverend Scott Johnston with friends and family. Scott became the pastor of Hopeful Baptist Church in the spring of 2007. His dedication to reaching out with Jesus to people who are troubled in and by life is never-ending. Scott is married to Michele and has two wonderful sons Tyler and Ryan. 
        Even though he spent all of his life growing up in a Christian environment, he readily admits surrendering to Jesus' ways and submitting to him as Master has not been easy. "I have been doing my best to give my all to the Lord. However, from time to time I find myself kicking, unrelentingly wrangling and swinging at how to give my all to the Lord when some of the life-changing truths found in his forging Word which can assist me in giving my all seem to be contradicting and confusing. Understanding Gods Truth through the different genres (literary texts) within the Bible has often been very challenging, Yet, no matter how challenging, I believe that ignoring the exposition of God written word of truth for my life will lead to dangerous inaccurate presuppositions and horrible contextual misunderstandings. 
        You can call me contemptuously skeptical when it comes to reviewing God's biblical word but one must remember that Lucifer often disguises himself as the light of God's truth and his associate's servants of righteousness. 2 Cor. 11:14-15" "Let it be known that Christian struggle is not just being spiritually convicted and forged by Jesus the Lamb of God, who is revealed righteousness, but adopting reliable hermeneutical disciplines (uncomplicated plain grammar understanding) for correct spiritual Biblical interpretation and true living direction.  Contextual literary proficiency is essential in understanding how to give your all and protecting yourself from false perceived biblical contradictions. And most importantly, it will expose the false teaching of wolves in friendly sheep skin whose misinterpretations of biblical truths for eternal life lead millions astray in churches today."
Present BSA Mason-Dixon Council Religious Emblems Chair, Council Religious Committee Member, Camp Chaplain 2012 - 2016, OA Vigil,  Camp Sinoquipe 
Montain Man / Wilderness Survival Co-Founder 

Reverend Scott is the senior pastor of Hopeful Baptist Church. Pastor Scott comes to the church as a 3rd generation pastor with a Bachelor of Science degree from Salisbury State University School of Business in Business Admin. and 20 years of experience in the business world as well as business ownership. He attended the School of Theology at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky for an MA, and MDiv.Studies in Pastoral studies. Additional studies have been completed in Billy Graham School of MissionsEvangelism and Church Growth as well as Reformational Church History.  
Michele Johnston is pastor Scott's wife. She is in charge of all the who does what around the house, which includes who takes a break from time to time. Michele loves her family and runs a full time cleaning business between all the other odds and ends she takes care of including Scott.

Rev William H. Johnston's Church
Built between 1894-1897
The Real Shepherd of the Family
Dedicated to my Big Boy Sebastian
Oct. 4th 2014. ty God, He was my best friend.

Reverend Johnston a 3rd Generation Pastor in his Sunday Whites


 Scottish and Scot-Irish 

     Pastoral Heritage

Great Gandfather Rev. William Johnston

Canadian Presbyterian Preacher and a graduate of John Knox Seminary

Great Grandfather Rev. John Leckie Gardiner

Canadian Baptist Preacher

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