Discipleship & Evangelism Missions

Sunday School Discipleship Ministries:

              Hopeful Baptist In-House Training

1. Family Care Discipleship Ministry: "C.R.O.S.S"

                  Hopeful Baptist In-House 3-Strand Befriending Training 

                    C. = Caring with the Holy Word. 

                    R. = Restoration with God the Spirit's guidance.

                    O. = Overcoming Sin with God the Fathers Will.

                                                                         S. = Salvation from God the Son "Jesus".

                                                                         S. = Surrender with the Heart. "You".

2. Soul Care Discipleship Ministry: "S.E.R.V.A.N.T."

                       Hopeful Baptist In-House 3-Strand Befriending Training

S = Submit  E = Empty Self   R = Repent  V = Victory  A = Accept   N = New Life  T = Telling Others

3. Biblical (Nouthetic) Counseling Discipleship Ministry:

                   Hopeful Baptist In-House Training.

                      Plus some Southern Baptist Seminary  or other accredited Seminary                                              Biblical (Nouthetic) Counseling Training is required.

4. Additional Biblical Discipleship:

                   Southern Baptist Seminaries

Hopeful Heart Missions:(Our Main thing: from Jerusalem to the ends of the Earth)    

         Local Evangelism Ministries (Fall): 

             Stauros Addictions Recovery Ministries Offering 

        National Evangelism Ministry (Spring):

             Annie Armstrong Easter Offering

        International Evangelism Ministry (Winter):

             Lottie Moon Christmas Offering