Malecare Prostate Cancer:
Malecare Prostate Cancer support has become the worlds largest patient and doctor authored website, with significant information for the gay man with prostate cancer.

Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States:
This site contains an excellent bibliography on sexuality issues for older adults, with a listing of valuable resources for facing the physical and emotional changes and challenges of middle and later life.
This Internet magazine focuses on the exploration of a wide variety of sexual topics, with a healthy dose of fun. Queendom draws inquisitive readers; 80% are women, ranging in age from 15 to 65.

Ask the specialists:
Prostate Pointers is an interactive website offering the opportunity to ask specialists your questions on erectile dysfunction or anything else associated with prostate cancer and its treatments.

US TOO! News You Can Use:
This informative website cites current articles on prostate cancer and the effects of both the disease and its treatments, including erectile dysfunction.

First To Know Bulletin:
This is a good medical source containing hundreds of current medical news reports. Searches can be customized by interest, and therefore, can include searches for information on erectile dysfunction.

Medscape Urology:
Medscape will send weekly mailings to subscribers, with the latest information on prostate cancer, erectile dysfunction or any related urologic condition, including drugs, therapies, studies, and research associated with these conditions.

The Circle:
This interactive support group is for wives/partners, families and friends of men with prostate cancer, as well as for the men themselves. Nancy Peress monitors this site, and every Friday sends out a compiled list of Internet resources for members. These resources are most useful, and the shared information from "real" people can be a comfort as well as a source of inspiration. A subgroup deals specifically with the effects, issues and challenges of impotence.

A Primer on Prostate Cancer:
Robert Young created this website to help men and their companions with the deeply personal issues created by prostate cancer. This site is not only informative but very candid. A survivor of prostate cancer himself, and a sufferer of impotence, Young offers accurate, timely information and a refreshingly frank personal perspective.
This website features articles, products, newsreports, and reviews on a broad base of sexual topics and subjects. The diversity of this site may be helpful in broadening the imagination and stretching one's perspective.

List of Erectile-Dysfunction Specialists and Centers:
A partial but extensive listing of doctors and specialists in the United States who deal with erectile dysfunction (ED). Listings by state include centers specializing in this condition.

Center for Sexual Function - part of the Lahey Clinic in Burlington, Massachusetts:
This excellent website explains the purpose of the Center for Sexual Function, which also includes a "Frequently Asked Questions" link regarding sexual functioning for both men and women.

Sexual Health Institute:
This website provides easy access to sexuality information, education, mutual support, counseling, therapy, health care, products and other resources for people with disabilities, illness or natural changes throughout the lifecycle, and for those who love them or care for them.

Society for Sex Therapy and Research:
This site has been established to facilitate communications among the professionals in the field of sex therapy who treat problems of sexual identity, sexual function, and reproductive life.

National Prostate Cancer Coalition:
This comprehensive and easy-to-use website offers invaluable information for those newly diagnosed with prostate cancer, as well as for their partners, family members, support groups and advocates. It also offers a free weekly newsletter entitled SmartBrief.