“This is a must-read textbook for physicians on what prostate cancer is like from the patient’s point of view. It is also a handbook for the thousands of men and women who are dealing with that feared medical term ED — erectile dysfunction. Sexual problems are not limited to cancer patients but also affect those with such common diagnoses as heart disease, diabetes and depression. The story of the Lakens will resonate with all of them.” 
— The Washington Post

“A remarkable story for both patients and physicians. The Lakens describe what so many must feel when facing the same challenges. Their frank descriptions have...allowed us all to gain insight and how one can indeed face, cope with, and overcome the fears associated with this condition.” 
— David Barrett, M.D.
Chief Executive Officer
Lahey Clinic, Boston, Massachusetts

“The newest national poster people for impotence...a candid and explicit new book.” 
— Minneapolis Star Tribune

“A groundbreaking book that is a ‘must read’ for health-care providers or anyone dealing with sexual dysfunction, prostate cancer, or lack of sexual intimacy. Should be in all hospital, medical, public and personal libraries.” 
— Chris Kraft, Ph.D.
Johns Hopkins Center for Marital and Sexual Health

“...highly recommended and informative reading, especially for men and women confronted by and trying to deal with sexual dysfunction issues...” 
— The Midwest Book Review

“Their first-person account [of erectile dysfunction] is readable, informative, and persuasive...a glossary, extended bibliography and resources list, and index make this book professionally complete…solidly recommended for all public libraries.” 
— Library Journal

“...the Lakens were forced to redefine the way they communicated, how they made love and the roles they played in initiating sex...” 
— L.A. Times

“Remarkable, candid, the book offers informed accounts of what medicine and modern psychology have to offer couples dealing with male sexual dysfunction.” 
— Boston Herald

“In Making Love Again, Virginia and Keith Laken describe in intimate detail their struggle with impotence. It is their struggle, even though it is Keith’s impotence. ... with such unreserved honesty that the book is a genuine page-turner.” 
— Psychology Today

“This necessary book will help patients and their lovers face problems, identify solutions that work for them and transcend despair. It also will help their physicians understand their patients’ experience, be alert to their needs and be quicker to provide professional guidance.” 
— James A. Talcott, M.D., S.M.
Director, Center for Outcomes Research
Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center

A+ “Wow! …It’s explicit, it’s daring and it’s courageous… a tremendous gift, how to retain and recreate intimacy in marriage.” 
— Marriage magazine

“Making Love Again is an eloquent book that adds to a small but important force in literature about sex in the real world. The Lakens have courageously offered their story so that others may learn what a ‘real’ couple has done to keep intimacy alive, despite the realities of sexual dysfunction.” 
— Bob Burns, Producer/Director
The Truth About Impotence, NOVA 1998

“In this extraordinary account of life and love, Virginia and Keith Laken have opened their hearts-and their bedroom-to us. The Lakens have taken impotence out of the closet and turned a light on it. By doing so, they have made it a great deal less scary, turning it from a monster to be feared to a problem to be dealt with.” 
— Smiley Anders, columnist
The Advocate newspaper
Baton Rouge, LA

“Easy to read and fairly short, the book shares the actions, emotions and fears of the couple as they find out how severely their love life is affected by Keith’s surgery... Clearly this effort is a labor of love and an effort to help other couples dealing with ED realize they are not alone.” 
— Family Urology

“My first urological session is this month. Mine is diabetes, hypertension related and very low testosterone. Your book has given us great insight and the will to persevere.” 
— A reader from Wisconsin

“In this heart warming book, the Lakens bring us to a profound appreciation of the power of committed love to truly transform the dis-ability of sexual “impotence” into real sexual and spiritual potency.” 
— Kerby J. Stewart, M.D.
Medical Director
Austin Institute of Integrative Medicine

“Making Love Again is the most astounding-and the best-book that I have read. It is also the first book I couldn’t put down. Brilliantly written and constructed, this book is willing to cross the R-rated line. Finally, someone is talking about S-E-X, SEX! This is a major step forward [for those dealing with impotence]. Without a doubt, this is a book that I am going to recommend to every couple.” 
— Robert Young, webmaster