Wheelchairs: 3-D Printing


HOPE will invest in 3-D Printing Technology to create Wheelchairs for physically challenged
Children & Adults.
Due to the availability of stronger and more adaptive materials, it will be possible to create wheelchairs that are bespoke to the user and more durable and stylish.  The wheelchair is printed using two materials; a semi-transparent resin and thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) plastic that provides shock-absorption for the seat, while titanium is used to for the foot bay.

Materialise (www.materialise.com) is a Belgium based Engineering company specializing in 
3-D Printing. We aim to work alongside as many similar companies in the UK & Europe to bring affordable solutions to this issue.

We also anticipate working with Easton La Chappell regarding his company, 
Unlimited Tomorrow (www.theroboarm.cominnovation in artificial limbs and exoskeletons.  
The 21st Century has created a new level of innovation in the world and it is important that we use this science to improve everyone's lives. 
Nothing is Impossible.