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Richard Britain is a Film-maker and Entrepreneur who was born in the United Kingdom, although he began his career making Feature films in Southern Africa. After completing film school, he Directed several 16mm Documentaries independently and in association with the South African Broadcasting Company (SABC). He then worked consecutively on many larger budget Movies and Television Series in various roles as First Assistant Director & Second Unit Director. He returned to London to form his own film production company, Briton Productions Ltd and proceeded to Develop, Produce & Direct a number of independent projects. 
In 2006 he expanded his business activities and formed Briton Ventures Ltd.(www.britonventures.com)
The company is active in Media, Precious Metal Trading, Environment, Construction & Theme Parks.

The Reverend Dr. Robin Gibbons, Director of Studies in Theology and Religious Studies, has been appointed Ecumenical Canon at the Cathedral College of All Saints', in the diocese of Edmonton, Canada. The appointment has been made in recognition of Dr. Gibbons' broad experience in theological education and outreach, including his work as an Eastern Rite Catholic priest with other churches.

Dr. Gibbons brings a wealth of experience in teaching to his appointment. He is a specialist in Eastern Christianity, and in the juxtaposition between faith and the natural environment. He intends to conduct yearly retreats, with lectures and seminars.

As Director of Studies, Dr. Gibbons oversees all the Department's programs in Theology and Religious Studies. Oxford University's Department for Continuing Education Theology summer school is an international program of long-standing, for clergy, theologians, teachers of religious education and laypeople with an interest in theological study at the university level. He has recently spearheaded the creation of a new Oxford qualifications course, the Undergraduate Certificate in Theology and Religious Studies, a one-year, part-time award which is an introduction to Theology, with the choice of a pathway in the study of world religion. Open to anybody, this course launched in 2012.

Dr. Gibbons' appointment as Ecumenical Canon at the Cathedral College of All Saints' took place in May 2012. The appointment is an honor and a strong gesture of friendship between the Anglican churches of Canada and the United Kingdom; it is one of the first of its kind in this diocese of Canada.