Saving An Elephant

 Provided Five Alive was able to save the life of just one single Elephant from being hunted and destroyed for its ivory, the entire project would be a success. Although, this means that the entire endeavor would have to become a long-term process that would last the entire life of the Elephant, which is approximately 70 years.

 For the Elephant to be completely protected there would have to be multiple approaches that would include;

  • Education – A program that educates African Children & Adults about the value of the Elephant in their environment and the absolute necessity of keeping the Animal from any harm during its lifetime.
  • Security – Additional funding for Game Park Rangers & Volunteers who endeavor to protect the Elephant every single day and night from Poachers. Additional funding for training and state of the art tracking equipment. Decent Salaries, making the Warden jobs extremely desirable, especially to young adults.
  • Drones - Using the latest technology to monitor and keep track of herds, without being intrusive or incurring the costs of physical tracking. Drones would provide the optimum solution, both day and night (See: Drones in the Air)
  • Negotiation – On-going talks with the Government Officials to take immediate and long-term measures to prevent ivory trading in their county and punish Poachers to the full letter of the Law. Also, ban regulated Hunting in all forms. Also provide additional funds to move Animals once a region becomes too densely populated, rather than cull the animals needlessly.
  • Immediate Action – For Elephants that are in danger, humanely remove their tusks. Although perhaps a controversial method, it would undoubtedly make the Elephant a far less appealing target to Poachers.
  • Entrepreneurship - Poaching is for financial gain. Therefore, perhaps there is an amicable way to eradicate Poaching by creating alternative income solutions for the Poachers, and their families. Additionally, promoting Tourism and other International initiatives to provide solutions to indigenous challenges the Villagers must face on a day to day basis. Attract infrastructure funding and job creation solutions, etc.
  • Marketing – Providing online resources for Schools and Colleges. Giving people in first-world regions a greater understanding of the African culture and lifestyle. Providing a caring and productive global community that is effective in completely eradicating apathy towards Animal welfare on the Planet. 

Elephant Orphanage in Kenya

Therefore, if we can save the life of just a single Elephant, then Five Alive will be 
complete success.



Richard Britain,
9 Nov 2013, 09:30