One World

 One World is a peace awareness initiative with many attributes. Not only is it designed to help bring financial relief to some of the most impoverished regions in the world and encourage people around the world to realize that we have no choice but to live together on this relatively small planet known as Earth.

 It may be hard to imagine, but Earth has no habitable neighbors for literally Trillions of miles in any direction. Therefore, Mankind must co-exist within a fragile 12-mile blue layer enveloping this comparatively small planet.

Our strategy is simple:

·        Firstly we devise a T-shirt campaign that will be able to spread across the entire world. Artists and Designers are currently working to create a T-shirt that will not only be comfortable and effective but also very easy to make

·        Secondly the poorest regions in Asia, Africa, South America, and the Middle East are given the materials to create these shirts in a very cost-effective manner and any revenue from selling the shirts to designated distributors is then theirs to keep and provide an income for their respective families with the additional funds going to improving their environment.

·        Thirdly the shirts are sold in various countries throughout the world and the revenue from those sales go towards making more shirts and all profits are donated to various charities within that particular country, e.g. the image of the world has the actual outline of the United Kingdom as seen from space in the middle. Above the world is the word ONE and below is WORLD. On the back is the reverse image of the world thus creating a complete image of the Earth.

This should be enough to ensure people realize how incredibly small and fragile we actually are. The revenue from the sale of the shirt is then allocated to children's charities through an established infrastructure in the UK.

One of the most important aspects of the entire venture is to create a demand for the T-shirt's and then simply supply that demand.

Working in conjunction with leading international Talent Agencies, we aim to approach high profile celebrities to wear the T-shirts at major events and create awareness for One World T-shirts prior to the distribution of the garments.

Richard Britain,
9 Nov 2013, 09:33
Richard Britain,
22 May 2016, 06:31