One Voice

 One Voice is an online resource whereby anyone in the world, with access to the World-Wide Web, can securely and confidentially add their details and become part of an online petition against adverse causes that currently affect the world we live in.

 One Voice will provide informed and unbiased insight into serious and significant issues that affect our daily lives, and the lives of others, and make these issues aware of our Membership through email or viral messages.

 The Website will be completely free of charge, and the running costs will be met by Sponsors with no hidden agendas, therefore alleviating the prospect of any manipulation of the petitions for their own personal or professional aims.

 The Website will empower people to act on issues they may feel helpless to change, for example: 

·         Global Poverty

·         Animal Conservation

·         Government Legislations

 The wealthy minority will become aware of the vast global power of the majority, and issues that have been historically ignored or concealed, can now be fully addressed and solutions found.

 One Voice will educate the masses about their human rights and their individualistic power for change. It will take time to build the community and using every social media platform, we will have access hundreds of millions of people, of every ethnicity, to provide them with an opportunity to instigate positive change.

 One Voice will monitor issues the membership support and provide concise feedback. Additionally, people will be given the opportunity to become actively involved in the issues themselves, as they see fit, i.e. Donations, Protesting, Mentoring, etc.

 The educational value is enormous and using the transparency of the Internet and providing an absolute guarantee of truth, then everyone can make an informed decision of the world they live and how to help change it to a better place to live for all mankind.

Richard Britain,
18 Aug 2013, 04:05