Hospital Proposal

HOPE is supporting Bethesda Hospital and in time, we will help eradicate AIDS, and other lethal illnesses including; Tuberculosis & Malaria, in Ubombo, a region in Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa.

The project began by attempting to raise funds for an urgently needed X-Ray machine. Although, since then the entire endeavor has grown into a major project that will last for decades and have a positive effect on well over 100,000 patients within the community in this entire region.

The Bethesda Hospital project has three separate stages: 


Provide Education to help both Adults and Children fully recognize the inherent dangers of AIDS, promiscuous sex, and how to avoid contracting HIV in their own language, so the local people completely understand. 


The entire region is affected by not only the AIDS virus but also Tuberculosis & Malaria. These patients require hospitalization in order to provide proper care and attention, while they suffer from these dreadful diseases.

The Hospital also desperately requires an X-Ray machine. The one they currently use is so outdated it's unhealthy for both the Patients and Staff using it. The system is so old that the cylinders it operates on are now deleted and once the final cylinder has expired the Hospital will be without an X-Ray machine, which is vital for diagnosing internal ailments for the patients. 


We aim to build a Hospice that will help care for Adults & Children affected by Aids and cared for professionally in their final days of the illness. Having dying Patients separated from the other wards helps to relieve the anxiety felt by the other Patients in a similar, but less advanced, situation and allows them to be given direct and more immediate care, especially in their final days.

(*All Artwork was kindly provided by Children from the Children's Ward of the Ubombo Hospital)