Five Alive

  Five Alive is an endeavor to stage a Live Telethon, working with top Celebrities from the world of entertainment, to raise money for various Animal causes around the world.  The entire project is dedicated to the protection and sustained the growth of all Animals in the wild, or currently in captivity. Official reports are the entire world's wildlife has reduced by an alarming 50% since 1970.

 We would follow a similar business model as Comic Relief. Due to the enormous success of Comic & Sports Relief on BBC Television, we'd then look at the other UK based TV Networks for endorsement and sponsorship for the show.

 Marketing and Publicity could be done through all social media platforms and give the project global exposure. The show could launch, subject availability in the TV Networks scheduled, on a Friday or Saturday night in order to hold live events throughout the UK, during the show.

 By attracting top International Talent to the project, who are especially inclined towards Animal rights, and learning from experienced Mentors, such as Jane Tewson, we can avoid any pitfalls encountered previously on other fundraising Gala’s to produce a show that would literally generate millions in revenue for Animal causes throughout the world. More importantly, provide valuable insight to conservation and education of the general public on how they can be involved throughout the rest of the calendar year.

 Additional fundraising events throughout the UK that could be held in the months leading up to the show and then featured in the program, along with insight into the organisations currently helping endangered species and charities, e.g WWF, RSPCA, Battersea Dogs Home, PETAGaia Rocks, Wild Aid, and many more in the UK and around the world.

 Subject to the success of the initial launch, Five Alive could become an annual event and the Team and professional relationships from the original launch can be retained. This would create sustainable employment and dedicated cash-flow for many of the events suppliers.

 Creating a dedicated Team that would monitor the allocation of the funds and the effectiveness of the donations. Making the money work, especially in education, can start to provide long-term solutions to short-term problems. Rapid treatment and care could be made available to animals in immediate danger and additional sanctuaries for neglected Animals.

 With so many Animals on the verge of extinction, a high-profile project such as this could be a timely solution and inspire millions of people to take positive action right now

Richard Britain,
9 Nov 2013, 09:30