Avenue of Fame
Hope Avenue recognizes kids who have gone above and beyond volunteering. They have a way about them - a selfless and untiring giving spirit that inspires all around them. These youth volunteers display leadership skills and take any project given to them with an almost infectious  readiness. Hope Avenue is proud to add them to its "Avenue of Fame".

Shruthi Gopalan - Shruthi Gopalan has been associated with Hope Avenue since its inception. She probably has never missed a single library event(Workshops of Bracelet, Geography Bee, Craft, etc)From being a follower of other child volunteers, she quickly has assumed the role of a responsible volunteer. Her enthusiasm has been showcased with her as a lead in recent Bracelet workshops. She also spearheads our Readathon Summer Reading Program. Thank you Shruthi!

Neha Acharya - Neha conducts Hope Avenue booths and has arranged for many Hope Avenue workshops in Winston Salem, thus spreading roots in other parts of North Carolina. She has been a constant inspiration to her friends and even adult volunteers. Her tireless efforts have been rightly rewarded with a Humanitarian Award at her High School. Thank you Neha!

Aditi Senthilnathan- Aditi has been associated with Hope Avenue since its inception, when it was simply an idea. She has seen it grow along with her volunteering skills at Hope Avenue. 
She recently finished a one month internship with Madras Diabetic Research Foundation by visiting camps around urban and rural India. With the volunteering experience, she contacted Hope Avenue to connect schools with the jump rope club to encourage kids to lead active lifestyles, to reduce the risks associated with diabetes. Aditi also schedules food bank visits in North Carolina. Thank you Aditi!

Apitha Sairam - Apitha is a ready volunteer for many of Hope Avenue's activities, most recent being Hope Avenue's Birthday workshops where her quick thinking made the event a breeze. Thank you Apitha!

Nivi Palani - Nivi has been associated with Hope Avenue since its inception, when it was simply an idea. Nivi contributes to Hope Avenue in many ways in volunteering. She is the main provider for the Geo Bee content at our workshops. Nivi also a coordinator with Hope Avenue's page on Facebook. Thank you Nivi!

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