Welcome to Hopalong Warren's homepage, where we care about the journey our rabbits and farm take.

Hopalong Warren Rabbitry is an urban farm and homestead in the heart of central Tacoma. We strive to prove that you can live a more natural, ecologically-friendly lifestyle even in the middle of the city. We breed and show quality Flemish Giant rabbits. We have a small flock of Salmon Faverolles chickens, and handful of chickens for meat and eggs. We grow and produce as much as possible. Warren Rabbitry is an ongoing project in sustainability, reusing/re-purposing/recycling, and learning to use our natural environment as much as possible.


We are very committed to our community and we love to give tours of our little rabbitry. We also love to mentor people interested in living a similar lifestyle. Contact us at HopalongWarrenRabbitry@gmail if you would like more information or to arrange a visit.

Please read our SALES POLICY if you are planning to purchase stock from us.

Proud Member of:

National Silver Fox Rabbit Club