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We've had a lot of fun singing around a family campfire over the years, so we decided to "package" that experience and bring it to you!

We provide affordable and fun sing-a-long library programs for children ages 3 and older.  Currently we're able to bring programs to libraries in southern/south eastern NH.

Participants make their own simple instruments from recyclable materials and then use these in our sing-a-longs.

For a sampling of what we do and how k
ids respond, take a peek at the video, graciously provided by Erika Powell-Burson, from our HnH February 2011 Sing-a-long at the Merrimack Public Library, Merrimack, NH.

Participants' comments: 

"Yvette, er I mean HOLLAH, and HOOT had high energy and excitement.  The kids loved their music and passion.  The craft was perfect for their age. Favorite was purple berry bush song. 
I love our library!" 
-- Erika Powell-Burson, Merrimack 

    (Hollah:  Actually, that was the green berry tree song, "I Had A Rooster"  Hoot: Yup. A nice variation of an Old MacDonald type song, with kids suggesting different animals and their sounds.)

"Excellent...You all provided a warm and fun atmosphere!  THANK YOU!!!" 
--Sandy Siemer, Merrimack

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