Join our Team! Available Positions (please complete the form below!)

Special Note: For now all positions are volunteer only.

PR + Social Media (Promotion)
- promote show on different websites (hoopcity,, non-hoop related sites)
- produce content on social media sites (twitter, FB, Instagram, etc)
- help produce following (someone with a large following or skills in gaining followers is preferred for this job)

Show Note Taker - (must be free Monday nights 8:30-10 eastern time)
-  summarize shows
-  add show notes + time stamps (template training will be held for this position)  

Comment Organizer (must be free Monday nights 8:30-10 eastern time)
- post comments as they come on the show
- organize video comments

2nd Assistant
(must be free Monday nights 8:30-10 eastern time*)
-  reply to emails (forward emails)
-  organize media (email, FB, etc)

2nd Stand in for Show Host
- contact guests, partners, etc.
- general show help (for Jenna + Audrey)

Trend Researcher + Content Producer
- find latest trends (top 10’s, viral videos, etc)
- who should be on show
- topics organizer for show

Show Artist (must be available before and after show/however long needed to produce work)
- make video thumbnails
- create banners for shows
- organize logo entries


  1. We are a positive team and attempt to talk before argue
  2. If issues occur within the team please contact Audrey or Jenna.
  3. All technical issues should be taken up with Craig Shipp (e-mail ).
  4. Communication is key! (and sometimes hard for people) so we try to be on top of communication with each team member to the best of our ability
  5. It is frowned upon to use fowl language on the show or negative remarks

To provide a space for hoopers to expand no matter where they are.
To teach.
To inspire.
To create content that will eventually provide compensation for team members!

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