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Published on Dec 12, 2014

Audrey Scherer host of hoopingLIVE reviews some of the questions she hears and sees often regarding hooping and the flow arts. Click on "Show More" below for notes with shortcut links!

FAQ Frequently Asked Hooping Questions:
00:30 What type and size hoop do you use? 32 inch polypro from Bonnie Brown of http://OutwardSpiral.net
01:28 How do I get started with hooping and how do I learn? Visit http://hoopingLIVE.com and check out http://www.hooppath.com/ and http://www.hooping.org/
02:08 How do I find my flow? It takes time. Some day it will come just stick with hoop dance and you will know when you find your flow.
02:58 How to deal with negativity? Trolls are everywhere. You need to brush it off and keep hooping. Some people just don't get flow arts.
04:03 Where can I find hooping events and is hooppath worth it? Yes http://www.hooppath.com/ ROCKS! Also see Unity of the Hula Hoopers on facebook.
05:08 Sexualization of hooping. Is hooping too sexy? Are sexy clothes appropriate? Are hoopers sexy?
06:07 Men in hooping. Are male hoopers called gay and worst names? Why
07:19 How do you deal with plateaus? Get a diary, take pictures and make videos. Practice your opposite current. 
08:22 What clothing should I wear? Bear skin is best! Bonnie Brown of http://OutwardSpiral.net can sell you special velcro tape that helps if you must wear clothing to hoop!
08:56 What do I do if I'm afraid to make videos and upload them to YouTube? You can upload videos and keep them private if you wish.

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video by http://CraigShipp.com

YouTube Video