Lady Bug

Lady Bug has been living with us for about 8 years. I found/rescued her from a bad situation and got her hard-ship registered with the POA registry. She's been trail ridden some when I can find kids to ride her. She's very well behaved on trails and as tough as nails. She has no problem keeping up with the 'big guys" plus her feet are super tough and healthy. We've never put shoes or boots on her. At times we've taken her off pasture when she's getting too fat to prevent any problems. She does tend to get overweight easily. She's a very sweet pony. She has an indention on her nose where someone left a tight halter on her. She is very difficult to give vaccina-tions to and will not let anyone clip her ears. It takes some patience to clip her muzzle, but not impossible. Those are her only vices. She is stocky and short, 13.1 h
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