Epona Shoe

We are currently in the process of experimenting with the Epona Shoe. This "shoe" is a nice compromise between hoof boots and traditional metal shoes. Please check out www.eponashoe.com for more info.
***These shoes can be used over and over again. How fast they wear out depends on how often and how hard you ride and the type of terrain. I have reset these shoes 7 times so far on my horses, and I ride quite a bit, but on dirt and grass mostly. A customer in MO, however, rides hard on rocky terraine and gravel almost every day and her shoes only last for 1 or 2 shoeings.
October 15, 2010:  Loving the Epona shoes. We rarely use boots anymore. Had problems with the packing in flat footed horses so we quit using it. Have decided the packing has it's uses but is not necessary for every shoeing. For now we are applying the shoes without packing or glue which definitely helps cut the expense.