We understand that there is a time and place for shoeing horses but our goal is
a healthy, sound horse and that means keeping the horse barefoot as much as possible. Rarely have we found a need for shoes when the horse is properly trimmed and fed, but there are many factors involved which will are covered on the page "Can my horse go barefoot?" We feel that the use of (metal) shoes has been grossly abused and overused either due to greed or ignorance or both. Sadly, by the time most owners figure this out it's too late and the damage has been done. Our horses have been barefoot for over 3 years now and we trail ride for long distances on rocky terrain. Hoof protection is used as needed in the form of hoof boots or Epona Shoes. All the problems we had in the past from improper feeding and having our horses metal shod (clipping, stumbling, lameness, abscesses, chronic thrush) no longer exist. Our horse's have never performed better. The endurance crowd figured this out long ago. Their horses are competing in 100 mile endurance rides without shoes. So why is the rest of the equine population still having their horse's shod when not only is it more expensive, it's not necessary and mostly causes damage over time? Why do owners (and vets) continue to feed sweet feed when our grasses are dangerously high in sugars and iron and all the research and proof is out there for all the world to see, that sugars and the insulin response that ensues is the cause of founder and insulin resistance? Proper nutrition is as important, if not more so, than the trim itself....whether the horse is shod or not. We have found that 99% of horse owners do not understand how to feed their horses and most are overfeeding sugars and iron and undersupplementing copper and zinc. These feeding issues are expressed in the hooves and cause many problems. We can teach you what we have learned thru Dr. Kellon's equine nutrition courses and from our own experimentation in the field. We can teach you how to see problems as they arise so that your horse doesn't founder and end up at the vet's office or in an early grave. Easy Care has recently invented a boot that is outperforming all others. "The Glove" is easy to put on and stays on. The only catch....your horse's hooves have to be healthy in order for them to work. That means no deviations in the hoof wall caused by improper diet and hoof care. These boots should be fitted by an experienced practitioner for optimal fit and performance.
We are also in the process of experimenting with the Epona Shoes. So far we love them. There are some instances where the boots don't work for the owner or the horse for various reasons. The Epona Shoe is a nice compromise other than the expense. We have found that our horses are much more sure-footed while wearing the Epona shoes. We rarely use boots anymore!
Our goal is to educate you so that you can make informed decisions about your horse's health and soundness. We hope that the following pages will be an eye-opening experience for you.....
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