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New South Campus Union

Climbing/Bouldering Proposal


Bike Station Proposal


Over the past several years, UW-Madison's Hoofers Outdoor Recreation Clubs have studied  and explored recreational opportunities to meet student and campus interests.  Below are some document links that exhibit a portion of their efforts.  Enjoy!

Hoofer Space Visioning - This document is the product of hours and hours of discussions of all Hoofer club governing boards, staff, members, and alumni regarding what the future of Hoofers would ideally look like.  Out of this work has come specific two main proposals.

Bike Station Proposal - In conjunction with UW-Madison Transportation Services, this bike station proposal is in conjunction eith a greener south campus union that will be a regional transportation hub. Included are lockers, showers, daytime bike storage, professional and self-repair stations, and bike rental. Having easy bike facilities fits well in UW-Madison's campus plan to reduce the need for vehicles on campus.

Bike Station PowerPoint Presentation

Climbing Facility Proposal - Campus climbing facilities are popular throughout the country and have sprung up in nearly every university.  This is a proposal to add excitement and engagement for students and campus community members to the new south campus union.  A climnbing facility would not only include a wall for top rope and lead climbing, but opportunities for bouldering, teaching, and team building. 

Climbing Facility PowerPoint Presentation 

Bike Station Grant Possibilities - Funding is necessary to help make the bike station be a reality. Here are some of the possibilities.

Please contact Hoofer Space Coordinator Eli Lechter (emlechter AT wisc.edu) or call at 262-1630 to find out how to get further involved including improving the above documents.