Standing Orders re Craning

Post date: Mar 26, 2015 3:24:23 PM

Standing Orders for craning-in at Hooe Point S.C.

In the past the Site and Craning team have experienced problems on craning days due to members not being adequately prepared and/or not adhering to the instruction given to them. This has resulted in delays to craning; inconvenience to other members and verbal abuse aimed at the Site team.

In order that all members are fully aware of what is expected of them, before and during craning, the following set of Standing Orders are being issued to all members whose boats are being craned in – this way there can be no misunderstanding.

Members who fail to comply with these Standing Orders risk losing their craning slot; paying additional charges or not being craned in at all.

1. The Club Health and Safety policy requires ALL members involved in craning activity close to the water or on a boat being craned to wear a lifejacket or buoyancy aid until the boat is in the water and clear of the pontoon.

2. Members must comply with any instructions given by the Site Team or a committee member.

3. Members with boats on a trailer or yard trolley MUST ensure it is fit for purpose and fully operational before craning begins. This includes tyres fully inflated; bearings free-running and winter storage blocks removed.

4. Backstays, where fitted, should be slackened off.

5. Bow and stern lines of sufficient length to reach from the point of highest lift to the pontoon must be in place, attached to the boat, prior to the crane slings being attached.

6. Only the owner (or his/her nominated representative) and one crew will be allowed in the craning area before and during the lift. Other members must keep clear of the crane and the craning area at all times.

7. Children under 16 are only permitted on site during craning operations if they are escorted by a parent and remain in the Club House whilst the crane is operational.

Craning days are organised for the benefit of all members who wish to launch using a crane and by working together in this way a difficult job is made easier, quicker and cheaper for all… Please ensure you have read and understood what is required of you.

If you have any questions about these Standing Orders or craning operations at the Club please contact the Site Manager or any member of the Committee.

Steve Whitting, Hon. Secretary.

On Behalf of the Committee. March 2015.