Second Tuesday Club Nights

Post date: Nov 21, 2015 2:33:47 PM

Second Tuesday Club Nights – they are back!!

Our first 2nd Tuesday Club night will be on Tuesday 8th December at 1930 hours. Member Jennie King (well known to the club dinghy sailors) will talk to members about her memorable trip sailing from Lisbon to Las Palmas on the Emily Morgan which many of you will have seen moored at Yachthaven over the last couple of years. The trip included some severe weather and a minor injury (to Jennie) so the evening promises to be very interesting!

Further 2nd Tuesday club nights are planned to include a talk about the work of the National Coastwatch and electronic nav-aid advice from staff at Mountbatten Boathouse.

I am also investigating another trip (or trips) to visit the Longroom Port Control station and the University Wave Tank and marine research facility….details to follow.