Racing Report for 18th, 19th, 20th May provided by Keith Kendall

Post date: May 24, 2014 12:15:23 PM

Once again, here are the latest results for the club evening race series along with our Dinghy Day held last Sunday.

5 dinghies took part in what turned into a really good day's sailing. We started the first race from the club line and raced across the Sound, via Deadmans, West Mallard and Melampus to a finish line near Yachthaven Buoy - or Morrisons, as it has become known! (Try to work it out for yourself). On the way there we had our first casualty as Simon's main sheet block parted company with the rivets on his boom and he had to turn and head for home. Fortunately he went ashore at Mount Batten and managed to find a "handy piece of string" and lashed it all together again so he could re-join us. In the meantime the race was continuing and Dave Bennett took first place followed by Levy and Lucy in the Lark. Heather and Tina were close behind to be 3rd and 4th respectively.

We managed to have 2 more races before breaking for lunch. Simon had, by this time, managed to join us and took 3rd and 1st place respectively. After lunch, once the Pont Aven had cleared our race area, one more race around the cans was held. The courses were set in various configurations across the Sound using New Grounds, C Buoy, Melampus and Yachthaven, giving races on all points of sail. The final race was set, heading for home via Yachthaven, Dunstone, West Mallard and Deadmans before heading again for the club line. It turned into a great day with and steady wind and wall-to-wall sunshine. One incident which provided mild amusement was Levy who, whilst concentrating on whether or not they should hoist the kite, decided to sail between an adjacent crab pot marker and its small pick up buoy. It was quite entertaining watching while he and Lucy tried to work out why they weren't moving! At the end of the day the overall winner was Simon, with Levy and Lucy second. Dave Bennett took 3rd with Tina and Heather 4th and 5th respectively.

Photos from the day can be found at

Monday evening saw 9 dinghies take to the water for our regular racing. With a reasonable Easterly breeze I set a course with the first mark being a laid mark at the entrance to Hooe Lake and then, downwind to the starboard hand buoy off Clovelly Bay. Unfortunately the laid mark was a bit close to the start line which led to most of the boats reaching it at the same time,much to the amusement of the spectators!. They soon sorted themselves out and headed merrily down river. In the usual Monday night manner, the wind soon started to fade as the flood tide increased. All boats managed to complete 2 rounds with the exception of Tony Walne in his Topper, who decide that one round was enough. It was good to see 2 newcomers to the racing, Tony being one and Jon Buckler in his Phantom joining us once again.

Tuesday evening was a bright sunny one with a steady SW'ly wind. The course for the evening was "B" , being Yachthaven, Dunstone and then West Mallard, all to port. It was difficult to keep an eye on everyone as we went round the course but I think that everyone enjoyed the evening. The results are, at present, Provisional as not everyone had returned to the club by the time I left. There was quite a discussion at the club after the race as boats were quite well spread around on all sides of Yachthaven, which turned out to be the final mark. This makes it very difficult to decide the positions. The Sailing Instructions are quite clear on the method of determining positions and they state that " The boat nearest to the next mark shall be the winning boat. To prevent disputes over close finishes each boat is to record her position by GPS at the expiry of the set race period". Only one boat remembered to do this. Can I ask that, in future, this S.I. is noted and acted upon by all competitors. When we get back to the club it is a simple matter to plot the positions on a chart and decide, definitively, the final positions. It will save a lot of dispute. As I said before, these results are all provisional at present. Please check them and let me know if you feel that I may have recorded you incorrectly.

There was an error in last week's results where I had placed Whiffler and Goshawk the wrong way round. This has been corrected in this weeks results.

That's all for now. Next Monday is Bank Holiday so I suspect we may be low on numbers for the dinghy race but we shall go ahead as normal.

I'm off to London for the NSSA Inland Championships this weekend so will see you all on Monday. I may be a bit jaded as we are camping in a field right under the Heathrow flightpath!

Have a good weekend,


Keith Kendall.