Latest from Cruising Sec re cruise 7/8June and future plans

Post date: May 25, 2014 1:23:23 PM

This to remind HPSC members of the proposed weekend cruise on the 7th and 8th Jun, which was originally to the River Avon or Calstock, the plan is now to go to Calstock, but obviously there is only so much room up there but it is an ideal cruise for the smaller boat owners and larger ones too. It will suit power boats too and wives and girlfriends as well- everyone welcome but just canvassing interest. Its a neaps weekend so getting off the moorings should be good for all. Why not consider coming up for lunch ? Please let me know by the end of May, so we can start to get an idea.

Tides are

07 Jun: HW 1318 4.3m LW 1935 2.1m

08 Jun: LW 0810 1.9m HW 1429 4.5m

I would appreciate feedback from members to allow me to take you off the list for cruising if you are not interested in any further cruising group messages please respond to this email and I will take you off the distribution list.

1. If you are interested do you have any ideas which you might like to see, for example the club used to enjoy outings to cellar bay up the Yealm estuary

2. Would you be willing to lead a cruise ?

3. If you already cruise - do you sometimes need crew.

4. Would you be willing to crew for other members who otherwise would be willing to cruise if they could get crew

5. For those who already cruise, please consider submitting reports of your exploits, to share with other members - and for those that may yet do a cruise, please submit something as they will all be considered for the cruising trophy this year.Distance may not be the decider this year

Kind Regards


HPSC Cruising Sec