HPSC Craning Information October 2015

Post date: Sep 25, 2015 8:10:36 AM

HPSC Craning Information October 2015

This year we are trying to save costs by trialling craning out in two days , Thursday the 22nd October & Friday the 23rd October with the proviso we have a backup day on Saturday the 24th should the need arise due to inclement weather etc. We are confident that with the available tides this year that are earlier in the day , that we have more than enough time to crane in two days, however we would request your flexibility in the event we have to use our backup day.

Please note that prior to craning it is your responsibility to ensure your trailer is fully prepared and in good and safe order to receive your boat, the club will reserve the right to refuse to crane or move any vessel if the trailer is unsuitable on health & safety grounds. This will result in the lift still being charged for even if the vessel is not craned ashore.

If there is a reason that a vessel has to be moved by the club, rather than under its own steam by the owner, then this boat movement will be charged by the club to the boats owner at £40.00.

In a departure from tradition It is proposed that the craning will be charged in the week afterwards when the cost of craning is finalised. However failure to pay in a timely manner will result in a late payment penalty charge, so please ensure that all craning fees are paid promptly when requested by Paul Romney our Treasurer.

Cost of Craning is £45.00 if we manage in the two days or £70.00 if we extend to the three days , so there is an incentive to everyone involved to ensure we all plan ahead and prepare our boats and trailers properly in advance.

As always we ask for your flexibility on the craning days as sometimes we do require changes to the planned lift sequence at short notice to ensure things run smoothly, so please be ready and available to respond accordingly if requested to do so.

Thank you

Andy Mawe

Commodore HPSC

T Denotes Trailer