Hood Canal Detectorists Club

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2013 Christmas Party


2013 HCDC Out-of-towner

Newspaper Story by Arla Shephard in Shelton Life - now Mason County Life

2011 HCDC Christmas Party


2011 HCDC xmas

2011 Out-of-towner


2010 Christmas Party

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2010 HCDC Out-Of_Town Hunt

PicasaWeb Slideshow

Junefest 2010 - HCDC took home the club trophy and $25


September Out-of-towner

Finds of the Month - May 2009


What is it?  If anyone has a good guess please tell Rick at the next meeting


MDAW Hidden Token – found by Rick Sperling
1.  The token has been buried near a very quiet neighborhood. – Cemetery                          
2.  To find treasure you'll need hope.  - Hope Chapel across the street
3.  “Hail to the Chief " could be playing here. – Streets named after Presidents
4.  National Treasure, the movie, deals with this secret society. – Masons 
(Mason County)
5.  OJ is not considered a family member. – Simpson Timber
6.  Bruce Springsteen or his band was not from here. – “E” St
7.  Dirty Harry is a no nonsense detective. -- Callahan (Callanan Park)
8.  Monroe is the 5th president of the US.  -- Cross Street
9.  Enjoy a root beer after a day of hunting. – A&W on the corner of E St
10. He's 63 ax handles high with his feet on the ground and his head in the sky.  - Paul Bunyan
11. And he leads the parade. – Forest Festival
12. Children smile here. – Playground and ball park
13. Thirteen posts, thirteen steps. – From the main gate (but not size 16 footsteps.)
14.  Look for the mushroom stump near the playground.






Finds of the Month February 2009

1901S Barber Quarter - Lee Speed

German Cross - Jack Schneider






OK Marshall Badge - Chuck Swanson















Finds of the Year 2008


1853 Gold coin

Jack Schneider


Gold chain necklace

Jack Schneider


Coin purse w/ coins

Jack Schneider

 1853 Gold Coin found by Jack Schneider at the September Out-of-town hunt.




January 2009 Hunt at Camp Parsons








Christmas Party 2008


<Prize Table







November Meeting Pics



2008 Proof set





November FOM



Finds of the Month - September


The winners







Our annual Summer Barbeque enjoyed by all.




Ron Sharer's find from the one of our spring hunts.


Rick Sperling metal detecting.


Neither rain , nor sleet, nor SNOW ............ will stop a metal detector from hunting for treasure.



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