Hood Canal Detectorists Club

MDAW's Resource & Link page links to WA historical info, ghost towns, mining & gems, railroads, etc. 

MDAW's Parks & Recreation Link  page  is a list of links to WA city, county, and state parks, etc.


Metal detecting is permitted at more than 67 state parks throughout Washington. Users of metal detectors must register first with Washington State Parks and comply with posted regulations. Rules are summarized in “Your Guide to Metal Detecting in Washington State Parks,” available from park rangers or by calling (360) 902-8500; Telephone Device for the Deaf (360) 664-3133.

MetalDetectingWAStateParks.pdf (PDF)

*This site is a must see for all detectorists

Dick Stout - detectorist, author, and founder of FMDAC has built a new website with gems from his books, articles and years of experience.  I know you will enjoy it as much as I did. has links and stories from Local issues to International.


You can read more about this fascinating hobby in Lost Treasure or in Western Treasures Magazine. Get to know your coins with

Pacific Northwest Hunts - This is a new website put up by Lora Hetzel - Pilchuck Treasure Hunting Club.  She will be trying to set up a forum for all open hunts to be posted.  Check it out.


Chuck Swanson warned members that China was flooding the market with “counterfeit” coins that were not marked as replicas.  Many coin buyers have been burned on auction sites such as Ebay.  “Buyer Beware” is his advice.  Stick to local reputable dealers. (put on website)


Misc. Info: Have you ever wondered what to do with coins you’ve found that are too dark or mutilated to use?  Warren Hooper has the answer.  Sell them back to the U.S. Mint.


Mutilated Coin Return:  Call ahead 215-408-0210.  They will ask your for Tax ID and give you a return number.

U.S. Mint
PO Box 400
Philadelphia, PA 19105

Attn: Mutilated Coins