Code of Ethics



20th Anniversary - Founding Members


001 Terry Wright

009  John Rebhan

017  Jerry Davis

002  Sue Wright

010  Phyllis Rebhan  +

018  Patti Davis

003  Roger Lane

011  Bill McKibbin +

019  Bonnie Rathbun  +

004  Ruth Wright  +

012  Chuck Swanson

020  Jack Kimball

005  Floyd Kern  +

013  Donna Swanson

021  Adella Kimball

006  Helen Kern  +

014  Mike Lovitt  /

022  Ron Sharer

007  Mike Morgan  +

015  Mary Knight  /

023  Bev Sharer

008  Ellie Morgan  /

016  Teri Jo Knight  /

024  Marchia Kortgardner  +


October 1989 Charter members



025  Buddy Steward

030  James Anderson

035  Daniel Goch

026  Roberta Steward +

031  Lauretta Anderson

036  Eugene Stewart +

027  Dagmaine Olsen

032  William Bondurant

037  Jerry Byerly +

028 Jean Olsen

033  Wendy Bondurant

038  Trina Byerly

029  Albert Fox

034  Martin Kuhns

039  Milt Collins



040  Judy Collins

/ Quit                                                                                                                                                    + Deceased


Excerpts from September 1989 Newsletter Vol. 1 No. 1  (1 page long)


…We are the Hood Canal Detectorists’ Club from the Kitsap Peninsula.  Our club was formed to get people together for the purpose of metal detecting and to help ensure that we can continue to do so!

…Our goals as a club are simply to keep as large a group as possible active in the hobby and remain members of the federation.  We have a great group of members, all of whom have volunteered their time and energy to help our club get started.

…Our Research Department already is probably the most extensive and well-established one on the West Coast.  Terry Wright is in charge and already has several thousand hunting sites located and documented.

…HCDC Officers are: President: Sue Wright; Vice President: Roger Lane; Secretary: Helen Kern; Treasurer: Mike Lovitt; Board Members: Chuck Swanson, Donna Swanson, and Bill McKibbin (Newsletter Editor).

…As we continue to grow, the newsletter will grow also.  Soon it will consist of several pages of club news, Federation news, metal detecting tips, artwork and other interesting features pertaining to metal detecting.

…By the way, the name Detectorists, was chosen for one reason: that’s what all of us are -- Detectorists’…


Excerpts from October 1989 Newsletter Vol. 1 No. 2  (6 pages long)


…The Hood Canal Detectorists’ Club is a non-profit organization dedicated to the enhancement of metal detecting and all related activities.

…Our club’s membership has grown so fast that we have outgrown holding the meetings at members’ homes.  A permanent meeting place will be located soon.

…The Research Department report by Terry Wright wrote about the Pig War of 1860.  The only casualty of the war was the pig.

…If you look closely at the Walking Liberty Half Dollar, you will see that the liberty is wearing an American Flag as clothing.  Nowadays she might be arrested.

…The Treasure Hunting Tale submitted by Bill McKibbin began like this…This is a story about a treasure hunt that bombed and turned into a fairly successful fishing trip.

…Someday, somewhere, a detectorists is going to find a wheat penny that doesn’t look right.  The reverse side will be shifted so that it is at a 40 to 50 degree angle.  It’s not a misstruck coin, it’s an old magician’s pocket tick known as the Disappearing Dime.

…Besides being the Delegate to the FMDAC, Sue Wright soon became editor of the “Northwest Detectorist.




 Pictures from some of the PAST out-of-town hunts:




HCDC Christmas 2006