About Us

Honors Times Two Mentoring Program is an exciting opportunity coordinated through Michigan State's Honors College. This program allows for bright and gifted elementary students (K-5) to be paired with an MSU college mentor who shares similar interests with them.  We want to provide these intelligent, young students with MSU mentors who will work with them on fun and educational projects that will enhance their education, while also providing them a positive role model. These mentors and students meet for about an hour once a week to work on these projects to present at the end of the year (presentation night pictured below).

Honors Times Two grew out of needs expressed by teachers for a challenge for their fast-paced students. This program has been active for over 8 years in the MSU community.  In 2015-2016, over 80 gifted elementary students in the East Lansing Area benefited by having Honors College mentors, and our number of students continues to grow each and every year.

The HX2 Mentors come from a wide variety of backgrounds, but they all share an interest in giving back to their community and working with children.  This program is exclusively voluntary and mentors are not paid to participate.  

We are growing and improving each year.  This website was created in order to provide a place for teachers, mentors, parents and students to find information regarding the program, scheduled events, project ideas, and more.  We appreciate your feedback and are happy to answer any questions you may have.  Please refer to the teacher and/or mentor information sheets below to learn more about the logistics of the program or email honorstimestwo@gmail.com directly.

For additional information please review the links below:

Teacher Information Sheet

Mentor Information Sheet


2018-19 E-board:
   Co-Presidents: Maya and Tori 
   Vice President:Caroline 
   Treasurer: Julia
   Community Outreach: Kathryn
   Fundraising:  Kaitlyn
   Events Coordinators: Paige and Katie