Dona Barus Gobin

Birth: Apr. 23, 1942
Allegheny County
Pennsylvania, USA
Death: Feb. 9, 2008
Butte County
California, USA

Daughter of Emil Frank Barus and Mildred Madeline Beatty, sister of Loretta Jean Barus,1940-1999. 

Dona Lee <i>Barus</i> Gobin

Posted to on 28 Jan 2012 
I would like to add my friend Dona Barus Gobin to the honor roil. She died Feb. 9 2008 and was the only MM patient I've ever known. I joined this group as soon as she was diagnosed and I think she joined too, as she posted once that I know of. I have become an advocate for MM patients and also a heathcare activist largely as a result of watching Dona and her husband spend untold hours fighting with insurance companies while in the grips of The Beast. Her husband, who had cancer himself while taking care of Dona, died only months after her death. They both lived their last years in Paradise, CA, having rediscovered each other late in life (Dona worked for Jim while in her 20's in Silicon Valley, CA,) and they touched base sporadically but married after reconnecting while both were in their 60's. They sold their homes and updated their dream home in Paradise, which was indeed a Paradise until they got sick. Margie Metzler