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炎の象 2018  活動

This year is very important for our group. We are hosting the artists who participated in 2017 Fukuoka Citizens Arts Festival in Japan in September in partnership with the NPO Tiempo Ibero Americano. We are taken presence in the 2018 Fukuoka Citizens Arts Festival on November 23~28 as well as art exhibition(drawings and hats), art performance and the introduction of these concepts along the 25 years, two master dissertations, projects, and publications.
A new project for [Giving a voice to the body to welcome and manifest your huge potentials ] focusing awareness and empathy is coming!


              [Illustration by Bailey Onaga]

The NPO Flaming Elephant continuing its series of events to foster empowerment through Arts organizes an effort to bring to a  practice the NPO Tiempo Ibero Americano, commitment to deepen mutual understanding among community members supporting ongoing intercultural movements through Arts firmed during the 2017 TIEMPO 4 ALL First International Festival & Conference on Dialogues Trough the Arts. Enabling ‘Going Forward’ on Tiempo’s potential for development, Honoo no Zou  has created a framework called TIEMPO “InteGREAT!” to sow partners’ efforts into use art for changing and connecting at the time Honoo no Zou is exercising its main goal of fomenting discussions and interactions about culture, awareness and empathy through international exchange. 

The event [GOMEN KUDASAI!  HAI, douzoTimes and Dimensions in Here and Now 2018 September 5~12] intends to enjoy this opportunity to integrate the different dimensions of living, expression, and interactions of different individuals who transcended cultural barriers to gather their concepts, ideas &creative expression in Fukuoka. 

The event is supported by the Fukuoka International Exchange Foundation and Fukuoka City Foundation for Arts and Culture Promotion.

1- The week interactive event intends to give continuity to the sow seeds during the events in 2017. The planned International Exchange opted for a creative way to bring deep approaches possible to be enjoyed with all senses. Also, it intends to show the ways art interactions happen in other countries. In addition, it opens a channel for other organizations to try to re-create the event in posterior editions of the created idea.

2- The interactive event based on the way the foreign artists introduce to Fukuoka’s citizens intends to enable full-body experiences. The artists will be present during the week event on the way to share ideas with the visitors, individuals, and groups. The way to introduce cultural aspects through arts overcome the expectation of enabling discussions and learning.

The Talk Performance is expected to be a time to play, to learn, to exchange.

Venue: Tiempo Iberoamericano 3rd floor, Gallery Taller.

About Tiempo Iberoamericano: www.tiempo.jp

               Gallery El Taller: www.eltaller.jp

(Portugal) AngelaSaldanha  Eu estou Aqui (koko ni imasu …./Installation: Projection on a table showing 24 hours activity done on the table in Portugal, to be present in Japan. In the center of the table the red plate with a Portuguese Castela(カステラ)、slowly cut showing the time like a clock represented by the position of the nife. An artwork realized by the visitors in a collective Art.

(Spain) EVA Ibañes  Art Sumi/Bokushou and book writing workshop with general visitors.

(Israel) Daphna MarkmanZinemanas  Drawing/ Workshop Brushes of Cancer, a support for cancer survivors and Face to Face art inspiration from the Holocaust supported by Bar-Ilan University

(Indonesia) Ariesa/ Nurul/Gilang/Rina Mariana  Cold Wax on Batik Painting: Gutha tamarind is a material from Javanese seed acid which dried to be a powder and this powder is processed for cold wax on batik painting. The Indonesian teachers talk about Indonesian culture and way of enjoying batik. Relate not only to culture but the economy, way of living and seeing the life.

(Hawaii) Bailey Onaga  MANGA: the Japanese culture seen from the artist’s eyes show aspects which are lived without so much thinking. The artist says why the aspects painted were meaningful to her. 

 (Spain) Ana Maria Barbero Franco: Beta Perpetuas: the metaphor of life and death. 

(Brazil) Elida Maria Matsumoto : Empowering Visualization Roles: Drawings and Book bases the interaction about the importance of living in the full present and awareness. It increases may help us to increase the levels of awareness and empathy. It results in an individual more connected to others and participation in society. The effective International Exchange need more grounded individuals in an understanding that experiencing different things don’t make people far from the own culture group.

Online Presentation:  Ana Maria Barbero Franco (Spain) Introducing own concepts from a different time and different environment.

  • September 5 (WED):

12:00 ~ 19:00   Artists Arriving, Gathering in Tiempo, setting the space, discussing the roles. 

  • September 6 (THU)

11:00~19:00 Open to the Public Visitation to Galleria Taller, Patio with the artists present in the cultural center.

15:00~17:00 Welcome to the foreign artists by Japanese Culture through the Workshop for the Guest Artists

Special Workshop [日本画家/NIHON GA ]Japanese-style painting integrating Japanese community and guest artists with Ai Kawamura. 

Website: http://www.aikawamura.com

It aims to foment discussions about what made them be interested in the Japanese culture. Which similarities and differences.

Angela Saldanha interactive artwork/Elida's visualization drawing try/Daphna's live drawing.

  • September 7(FRI)

11:00~19:00 Public Visitation to Galleria Taller and Patio with the artists present in the cultural center...

13:00~15:00 Indonesian Workshop open to the general people under booking: Painting in Cold Wax on Batik Painting: Gutha tamarind is a material from Javanese seed acid which dried to the powder technique is processed for cold wax on batik painting to hold color repeatedly on the cloth. The Indonesian teachers talk about Indonesian culture and way of enjoying batik. Relate not only to culture but the economy, way of living and see the life.

15:00~18:00 Live Art by Daphna Zinemanas(art psychotherapist and artist): Live Drawing in Patio(3rd floor) and Garden(5th floor) 

  • September 8 (SAT) 

11:00 ~ 19:00 Public Visitation to Galleria Taller, Patio

13:00~15:00 Indonesian Workshop: Painting in Goth Batik Method

15:00~17:00 Live Art by Daphna Zinemanas: Drawing Patio and Garden(5th floor)

17:00 LIVE ART by  Eva Ibañes Cano: ‘Bokushou’

-September 9 (DOM)

11:00~19:00 Public Visitation

15:00~18:00 (in fact two hours. I’ve included the 30min. Reception and 30min.after finishing until people leave).

ARTIST’S TALK PERFORMANCE: The experimental interactions during the week will be transformed into a talk with creative expressing.

The artists talk about culture, world vision, life, education and a different sense of enjoying art in their countries to the general audience. The way each artist choose to “talk” may be performative, bringing their country songs, plays and the contents of their presentations. The presentations integrate different gender, ages, interests in a connected whole.

-September 10 (MON)


Daphna Markman Zinemanas Art Experience and Cultural Exchange 

Face to Face art inspiration from the Holocaust, Brushes of Cancer, a support for cancer survivors.  

11(TUE) and 12(WED)

11:00 ~ 19:00 Public Visitation 

  • Booked activities/workshops/guided visiting to  experience Honoo no Zou’s Arts Event in Tiempo Iberoamericano [ schools, community, organizations, college,  


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