Preparing for Camp

Registration is now open for 2017.

The 2017 Camp will run weekdays from June 5, through June 16.
We intend to meet all 10 days.  In the event of having to cancel
more than 2 of the days due to weather, prorated refunds will
be available.

Here is a link to the Hononegah Tennis website.
This is a site that has been extremely valuable for the progression of our high school players.
You will find links to videos about the strokes we will be teaching.  Our instructors will be following
many of the progressions that are taught on these videos.  Some of the videos will be to advanced
for beginners and our younger participants, so just use the "grocery store" approach and take what
you can use from the lessons.
A great approach to learning on the videos is to view the Instructional videos while "shadowing" the
motions of the stroke, and then view the Shots of the Stars videos to recognize what is being taught
in the Instructional video.  This really is a great selection of lessons that I have accumulated through
100's of hours of searching for quality lessons that are presented in a straight forward and simple
Contact Coach Hearne: