Based on responses we have elected to run PAYGO at 8:30 on
Mondays and Fridays.  We have a number of camp instructors
who will be working with any and all who show up.    Participants
do not have to have attended camp.  Adults are welcome as well

Show up with $5 (cash) by 8:30.  You will be divided into groups and
an instructor will work with you.  The length of the session will be based 
on the number of participants in each group.  Bigger groups = longer 

We will not dry the courts or contact you if the courts are wet.  Use 
your best judgement on those days.  If the road in front of your house
is wet, the courts probably are also.

PAYGO will continue through the summer as long as interest is high
enough to support it.

Try it.  Bring a friend.  It has been hugely popular the last several