Are held 6:30pm on the first Wednesday of each month
 at the IHOP  restaurant
(2501 N 44th street)
Arcadia shopping Mall, Phoenix (MAP)

Club History:

The Honeywell 4WD club was organized in the late 1950's, and is one of the oldest organized 4WD clubs in Arizona.  The club is a member of the Arizona State Association of 4WD clubs, and also the national organization, United 4WD Association.   There are currently in excess of 40 registered vehicles in the club.  We are a family oriented organization committed to responsible recreational 4-wheeling.  The Club was formerly know as the "AlliedSignal", "Garrett", or "AirResearch" 4X4 Club.
  • The Honeywell 4x4 club, Inc., shall be a non-profit organization.
  • To provide social, educational and recreational activities for the membership.
  • Participate in and support civic activities for the betterment of the community.
  • Promote organized 4-Wheeling.
  • Assist anyone in trouble, when possible.
  • Promote cooperation between landowners and 4 wheel drive clubs.
  • Oppose crossing open country in any vehicle, cutting  fences, defacing terrain, vandalism and littering.
  • Promote 4-wheeling as a family sport.
    Membership $40.00/year (with regular attendance of events & meetings)
Members must have a 4 wheel drive vehicle maintained in good mechanical condition and equipped with safety, first aid, communication and vehicle recovery equipment as specified in the club bylaws.
BYLAWS of the Honeywell 4X4 CLUB

Article I

The name of this organization shall be the Honeywell 4X4 Club.

Article II

It shall be the purpose of this organization to promote the responsible use and preservation of roads and trails used in the sport of four-wheeling and to promote and encourage safety in the sport of four-wheeling.

Article III

A. This organization shall maintain an active membership in the Arizona State Association of Four-Wheel Drive clubs.

B. The membership of the Honeywell 4X4 Club shall consist of active memberships.
1. The active members shall:

a. Own or have access to a four-wheel drive vehicle that meets all the licensing, emissions, and other vehicle safety laws of the State of Arizona and the Arizona State Association of Four-Wheel Drive clubs.

b. Attend a minimum of six regular meetings and six runs or events per year to be eligible to hold an office in the Club.

C. The majority of active members shall be Honeywell employees.

D. Dues shall be $30.00 per year, per member family, and are due at the January regular monthly meeting. These dues shall include the member families' dues to the Arizona State Association of Four-Wheel Drive clubs. Dues for new members shall be $30.00 prorated to year's end.

E. Each active member shall be responsible for acting as host or co-host leaders of at least one run or event per year, and for furnishing a brief outline of their planned run or event to the club secretary/editor prior to and following the run or event. Each run or event must have a host or co-host leader/leaders.

F. Non-members of this organization who choose to participate as a guest at club sponsored runs or events shall:

1. Sign a waiver of responsibility, thus releasing the Honeywell 4X4 Club of any liability.

G. The Honeywell 4X4 Club shall reserve the right to refuse membership or participation in any Club sponsored events to regular members or any non-members in the event of the following situations:

1. Excessive use of alcoholic beverages or any usage of illegal drugs or substances while operating a motorized vehicle or while in attendance at any Club sponsored event. Excessive use of alcohol or any usage of illegal drugs or substances will not be tolerated at any Club sponsored event as this is a family oriented Club.

2. Use of foul or profane language over the CB radio or while in the presence of Club members.

3. Unsafe or dangerous usage of a motorized vehicle while participating in a Club sponsored event. Failure to stay with the group on Club runs and unnecessary driving off the designated trails will not be tolerated.

4. Any use of a weapon or firearm in a threatening or unnecessary manner will not be tolerated and criminal charges may be filed against the offender at the discretion of the Club members.

H. It is the responsibility of the Club Officers or the run leaders to notify any violators that their actions will not be tolerated and that they cease their actions and/or be asked to leave the Club function or event. In the event that a person is acting in a threatening or violent manner immediate action should be taken and proper police authorities be notified.

Article IV

The officers that shall be required to maintain this club are President, Vice-President/Treasurer, and Secretary/Editor. Two or more of these offices shall be held by Honeywell employees.

1. The duties of the President shall be to preside at all regular and special meetings, call for votes on all business, respond to all inquiries from members, and appoint chairpersons for any special committees when needed.

2. The duties of the Vice-President/Treasurer shall be to preside in the absence of the President, assume the duties of the President for the unexpired term in the event of the Presidents’ resignation, maintain all financial records and make reports to the club at each meeting, and receive the bank statements and be responsible for balancing them.

3. The duties of the Secretary shall be to serve as the recording officer at all regular and special meetings; keep an official membership roll; maintain all official records and documents for the club.

4. The duties of the Editor shall be to maintain and issue all active members a monthly newsletter composed of past, present and future events.

Article V
Nominations and Elections

A. Nominations for officers shall be presented at the November meeting each year.

1. Nominations will be taken from the floor. 

2. If needed, an election committee shall be formed. Said committee shall present at least one nomination for each office as needed.

3. Only those members who have attended a minimum of six regular meetings and six runs or events per year will be eligible to hold office.

B. Elections shall be of two types; regular and special.

1. Regular elections shall be held during the December meeting. A majority vote of the active members in attendance shall be required to elect all officers.

2. Special elections shall be conducted if for any reason an officer cannot complete his term of office. Nominations and elections shall be held during the same meeting, as the position must be filled immediately.

C. Installation of regular elected officers shall be public and held at the end of the December meeting.

Article VI

A. Regular meetings of the club shall be held on the first Wednesday of every month at 18:30 hours, unless otherwise authorized by the officers. These monthly meetings cannot be held without an officer present and no vote taken without at least 1/4 of the active membership present.

1. A majority of the votes cast shall be required to pass all motions. The presiding officer may vote in case of a tie.

B. Special meetings of the club can be called by the President at the special request of the officers.

C. Each member family shall have one vote in any regular or special election.

Article VII
Amendments to the Bylaws

These Bylaws may be amended at any regular meeting of the club by a majority of the active members present.

updated 3/01