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Sabal Ser Q and Thuja Q alternately, every 2 hours for a few months

( Standard disclosure- the author is not a qualified medical professional/ practitioner. Remedies are given on the basis of acquired knowledge & good faith. Use your discretion )

Hair loss-                                          Ustilago Maydis 200

Hair Greying-                                  Lycopodium 200
Dandruff-                                          Mezerium 200
Eruptions on scalp-                      Oleander 30
Hairloss due to weakness-         Acid Phosphoricum 200
Apply pure almond oil to your scalp
Heatstroke-                                       Antim. Crud. 6
Conjunctivitis (Eye flu)-               Argentum Niticum 1000
Obesity-                                               Calcarea Carb. 1000
                                                                         ( once in 3 days )
Uric Acid diatheses-                       Colchicum 30
Calcium deficiency-                         Calcarea Phos. 3x
Bones fracture-                               Symphytum 200 +
                                                              Calcarea Phos. 3x
Diabetic Retinopathy-                Arnica 3 + Calc. Carb. 30
                                                              also Merc. Sol. 200
Nose blocked, snuffles-                 Lycopodium 30
Nose stuffed-                                   Antim. Crud. 6
Heart tonic-                                       Aconite 200
New-borns, all ailments-                Aconite 200
Adenoids-                                            Baryta Carb. 200
UTI, chronic-                                       Cantharis 200- 3 doses
                                                              on alternate days followed
                                                    by a dose of Medorrhinum 200
Pyorrhoea-                                           Calendula 200
Anti-viral-                                              Thuja 30
Lumbago- Rhus Tox. 30, Hypericum 200, Bryonia 200, Colocynthis 200
Cervical Spondylitis- Cimicifuga 30
Lumbar Spondylitis- Calcarea Carb 200
Ankylosing Spondylitis- Calcarea Carb.200 ( Exercise, Physiotherapy does not help- instead damages)
Fever with bone pain- Eupatorium Perf. Mother Tincture (Also the best remedy for Dengue)
Food poisoning- early stage- Camphora Mother Tinture. later stage- Arsenic Alb. 6
To counter bad effects of liquor- Lachesis 200
Herpes- Arsenic Alb.200
Constipation- Bryonia 200/ Nux Vomica 30 + Sulphur 200/ Plumbum Met. 200/ Alumina 200
Constipation, old age- Chelidonium 30+ Lycopodium200
Jaundice- Chelidonium 30 + Natrum Sulph. 30
Cold, beginning (this stage usually goes unnoticed)- Aconite 6/200
Cold, beginning with nose snuffles, nose runs & stops, with irritation in the throat & rattling- Ipecac 30 + Lycopodium 30
Cold, full blown, nose running, maybe with fever- Arsenic Alb. 6
Cold, eyes running- Allium Cepa 30
Cold, beginning with a sneeze- Natrum Mur. 30

Cold, with dry cough & fever- Bryonia 30, Ferrum Phos. 3x + Kali Mur. 3x
To develop immunity from cold- Calcarea Carb. 30- on alternate days, for months

Lal Mantra- A bit of white magic- A gem from the treasury of Advanced Homoeopathy- Rapid, Gentle, & Permanent-
Can a skin injury heal by the next day? Sure!
Get Ferrum Phos.3x, homoeo & biochemic remedy.
In India we get this in tablet form, 25gm & lb. packs.
Grind the tablets in a mixer/grinder to a fine powder. 
Keep handy. Dress any fresh traumatic skin injury with this powder. Avoid water. Skin usually heals the next day.
If the injury is extensive & painful, use along with Arsenic Album 200 & Hypericum Perf.200, to be taken orally, alternately, keeping some time gap between the doses.
Arsenic 200 is the king among skin remedies & Hypericum 200 is the queen of nerve remedies.
Happy healing.
( If the above is true, can one imagine the amount of damage it could do the the entire billions, no, trillions dollars worth of allopathic industries’ skin healing ointments, iodines, band aids, bandages, antibiotics, surgeries etc.?- Hence the ignorance! Even homoeopaths are unaware of this use of Ferrum Phos. And even if they knew, they would never tell. Coz homoeopaths never tell! Well I suppose they presume propagation of information & knowledge would be bad for their business. ROFLOL. Preposterous!)
( more remedies on demand )

Dr. Kushal Banerjee and Dr. Kalyan Banerjee

Thyroid Swelling: Mercurius Vivus 200c and Conium Mac 3c, usually once a day each

Hepatic Ascites: Bryonia Alba 30c and China 200c , alternated every 2 hours or at a higher frequency

Psoriasis: Antimonium Crudum 6c and Arsenic Album 200c. One dose each, every day Alternated twice daily in rapidly progressing cases. Works well in different forms of dermatitis, also

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