Learn Homeopathy

An excellent start is to know how to diagnose
1. First know the fundamental of what causes disease and how to diagnose:
Chronic Disease the Natural Method of Diagnosis and Successful Treatment By William Harvey Burgess
The complete book is available in books.google.com as pdf and you can download for free.  I find it works from US but also found that it is not available for download from India. If you have trouble getting, please write to me and I will send the pdf
2. Definite Medication by Dr. Eli G Jones shows the next step in treating diseases. This book is also available for free download from google
3. Materia Medica by W Boericke is the bible bringing the practical use of Homoepathic Medicines. It is good to buy this book, but also available for online reading at homeoint.org
4. The Twelve Tissue Remedies of Schussler by  W Boericke and W A Dewey is another excellent edition and is available for free download from google.com
5. organon of medicine by Samuel Hahnemann is written by the founder of Homeopathy but will take a few years of reading to master the understanding
Reva V,
Mar 31, 2013, 6:15 PM