Healers Experience

Morning Belladonna 30
Evening, Bell 30, after 30 minutes Staph 30 for 4 days
Dont take Dulc 30, as this is an antidote for the above protocol

Itching in the skin: Mag Mur 30

Neck and shoulder Pain: Ipeca 30

Use always 30. 6c can produce proving in sensitive patients

Magic for Yeast in Vagina, itching: Nux Vom 30 in the night. In the morning, Ars Alb 30, followed by Belladonna 30 
Excellent Detox: Nux Vom 30 -> Ars Alb 30 -> Belladonna 30 (same as above)

Numbness in palms and fingers: Ars Alb 30, Belladonna 30, then Cocculus 30

Depression - Calc Flour 6x

Shoulder Pain, right side - Chellidonium 30

Circulation of blood: Cocculus 30 -> Phos 30 -> Lyco 30

Energy (Magic): Colocynth -> Aconite

Uterus, Ovary and energy (Magic):  Bellis Per -> Cocculus 

Uterus, Ovary + Hip Pain + Energy: Bellis Per 30 -> Cocculs -> Aletris Q

Gastric Problem: Black Pepper + Ginger in the morning after boiling in water

to get good control on Urine (for who cannot control urine) : Keros 200 (better than 30)

Arm Pit, perspiration and smell: Petroleum 200 - 1 dose

Hair grows, for sure: Antimonium Crud 30, twice a day

Cocculus 30 and Ars Alb 30 alternately : increases thirst and want to drink water (heats internally and hence?)

Knee joint pain: Cocculus 30 and Colocyth 30 - alternately, twice a day 

Calf muscle, neuralgia, in the toe (pulling sensation): Cocculus 30 and Nux Vom 30

Another 4 magic remedies: Ars Als -> Calc Carb -> Cocculus -> Bell 

Hairfalling: Calc Carb 30, two or three doses ( Calc Carb 200 works worse)

Aloe and Hydrastis - together balances any other medicine taken

Immediate help for back pain (but the face becomes dry immediately): Nat Mur 6x and Calc Phos 6x alternately every 4 hours

Pain on the back, near neck: Cocculus 30, 1 hour later, Ipeca 30, both twice a day

Discoloration near eyes; strengtherns, reduces shrinks under eyes, removes tiredness (anti aging?): Coccolus 30 in the morning, Nux Vom 30 in the evening

Exam stress (panic attack): Lilium Tig 30

clears black dirts in the groin area or folds of hands, fingers etc magically: KALI BICH 30 (purifies skin, blood and kidney?)

spleen remedy, increase blood circulation; burping: Bell 30, after 30 minutes, Merc Sol 30. Let go several hours to see result.

Urinary and burning, most specific: Thuja 30 and Merc Cor 30 alternately

Spigelia 30 and Lilium Tig 200 = together good

Improves facial skin: Larch (flower medicine)

Eyebrows to grow: Lyco 30

Heart palpitation - excellent - Lilium Tig 30, then 200 if needed

To reduce abdomen size: Aethusa 30 (also reduces breast size)

Instant stress relief: FP 6x, followed in 1 hour by KP 6x

Anti aging (tightens skin sagging): Baryta Carb 200, twice, followed by Ambra Grisea 200 twice, followed by Thuja 200 - 3 doses

Nose digging (due to worms): Arum Trif 

Instant energy (like glucose bottle in the hospital): Phos 30, followed by Lyco 30

Weakness to correct: Ars Alb 30 and Thuja 30 alternately, for 4 doays (Ars Alb 30 in the morning, Thuja 30 in the evening)

gastric back pain (moochi pidipu): Asafoetida 30 and Hydrastis 30

Rectum and Digestion: Antim Crud 30 (anti fungal and hence works on rectum?)

Experience with medicine:
Cuprum Met 30: To clear face (but also grows hair, mustach, in girls): 
Berberis Vul cools
Thuja colls
Cocculus30 - specific for sleep
Stannum Met - aggravates heart, dont use in heart patients with palpitation
Baccilinum 200 - aggravates heart, dont use in heart patients with palpitation
Arg Nit 6 - makes eye vision sharp

New additions, Harmony based
Nux Vom 30 and Arnica 30 alternate, add Lyco 30 intercurrently
Lyco 30, NP 6x and Embelia R Q for chemical toxin elimination
Ruta 6 and CP 3x for lymph cleaning - always use
Ars Alb 30 and Arnica 30 alternately to boost energy

Adrenaline (Stress) - Use Calcium (CP 6x, several times a day). To digest CP6x, use occasional dose of Symphytum 30
Kidney - Eupatorium Purp 30 
Gall bladder (digest fat): Symphytum 30 and CP6x together, once a week or so. Repeat CP6x alone for several times a day.
Spine, Symphytum 200 and CP 3x together (P Banerji protocol)
Neck: Ruta 6, Arnica 30, Spigelia 30