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Tubercular constitutions have excessive sexual desire
Kali Phos, Colocynth and MP are > warmth, > pressure. Hence not effective when < warms
Hair Falling (to study further)
start flouric acid 6c daily one dose early in the morning empty stomach.. before going to start this medicine first dewormin your body by taking albendazole 400mg for daily one tab for 5 days ..means 5 tab daily one tab at night for 5 continues day...
your hair fall be stoped immediate after 5 days...  (Dr. Sharma) http://www.doctorhelpme.com/
 came across this clinic which gives no medicine, but heals through touch (Accupuncture). Met real patients who got thier diabetes cured (insulin dependent). Clinic Address:
S. Kavitha mani
28, Anusham Nagar, M R Compex North Side, GRK Gaars back side, Udumelpet
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