food allergy

Food allergy: In general, CHELLIDONIUM 6x, in liquid, twice a day, helps clear any long term food allergies. Always use this

Milk Allergy
In thin subjects: Abrotanum 6, followed by Thuja 30 (after 30 minutes). Repeat every day for a few months.
In fat subjects: Mag Mur 30, followed by Thuja 30 (after 30 minutes). Repeat on alternate days, then once in 4 days only.

After a week, give milk, (1oz or less then slowly increase) once a week. then twice a week and slowly increase the frequency. Continue medicine for one month or more, till giving milk still keeps healthy
Use milk from cow that are fed with grass only. In western countries, cows are fed grains (corn), to save cost. However, grass fed milk are also available.

Fructose Malabsorption (allergic to coconut)
There is likely a tubarcular taint. Take Bryonia 6 and Aconite 30 together, twice or three times daily for a few months.This is Dr. P Banerji's protocol for TB, but the same one helps to clear this allergy. In addition it is preferable to take CALC PHOS 6x, cell salts (bio chemic tablets), four tablets, twice a day.

Betal leaves, Rose petals, Kirambu, Orange Peel, lemon peel - boil in water (2 cups). drink morning and evening


skin disorders, to purify blood: turmeric, 5 gloves garlic and boil with milk

"Dry dates chop and boil in milk and drink everyday for anaemia"

10 garlic and milk for bp. also cholestrol