2 - Chest, Abdomen, Urinary, Heart

Very dependable for Heart 

Cactus Q - 2 drops
Crategus Q - 10 drops
Mix in 10 to 15ml water and drink it, either early in the morning or evening, "before going for a walk". 

Ferrum Phos 6x - as an anti-inflamatory - take four tablets, twice a day. Infamation lies in the foundational cause

3. (optional)
Chakra Cleaning (cleaning disharmonious energies)
Aurum Mur 6 or 30 along with Thuja 30x (30x only) - two drops of each, once in a week until cleared. Very dependable to clean up energies


V Good Protocol

1)                  Lemon juice         01 cup 
2)                  Ginger juice         01 cup 
3)                  Garlic  juice          01 cup 
4)                  Apple vinegar      01 cup 
Mix all above and boil in light flame approximately half hour, when it becomes 3 cups, take it out and keep it for cooling. After cooling, mix 3 cups of natural honey and keep it in bottle. 
Every morning before breakfast use one Table spoon regularly. 

If it is from neck, or spondalytis, then IPECA 30, once a day for 2 weeks.

CORONARY ARTERY (blockage in the artery vessels of the heart)
Elimination of heavy metals is the first step, so that body can start healing itself. Very reliable medicine to do this is TEUCRIUM M V 200, once in 4 days for a month or so. 

With this Cactus Q, 3drops and Cratageus Q, 10 drops, take it once, twice or thrice a day, based on severity until the allopathic diagnosis shows cleared.

Read this exerince from abc:http://abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/130419/

Here is my personal experience.
My father aged 68 years was having severe angina pains. After Angiography it was found that two arteries were completely blocked and third was about 80% blocked. He was an unsuitable candidate for bypass as he had diabetes, his Ejection Fraction was about 30% and he was immobile due to Parkinsonism. 
He was taking a long list of heart medicines. Along side (on the recommendation of a Homeopathic Dr) he started taking Crategus Q and Cactus Q 10 drops each thrice daily. After 3 months his Angina pains became less and eventually disappeared altogether about a year later. 
Eight years have passed since his Angiography and he hasn’t had an Angina Pain in the last 4 -5 years. His Cardiologist gradually discontinued all his Allopathic heart medicines except for Aspirin which was given for blood thinning. He still takes 10 drops of Crategus Q and Cactus Q once daily. 
I recommend Crategus and Cactus to everyone who has a heart problem. I am sure you will also benefit. 
Best regards,

To strengthen heart and clean up blockage, HIBISCUS FLOWER. If you have fresh plants, you can take one flower and dip in hot water and drink this water, once a day for a few months. Otherwise, take capsules for several months, only capsule a day (a mild help is sufficient after a strong detox using Teucrium m v 200) for a few months. Then less frequently as a maintenance dose

Top Heart remedies that is found to work in a case of numbness in the chest, hands and legs(April 2016)
- Ruta 6 morning, Arnica 30 in the evening. Kali Phos 6x, Spigelia 30, Thuja 30x (once a day or less frequently to protect from energies), Bellis Per 30 for neutralizing car radiation
- Staphisagria 30 - several doses to clear the toxins
Paralytic Pain in the chest, with numbness extending to arm (6/30/2015)

Phosphorus 30, once dose in the morning for one week - Primary medicine
Ars Alb 30, intercurrently (two doses in a week, preferably in the evening) - cleans up the channel for other medicines to work
Kali Phos 6x, three times a day (Paralytic)
Arnica 6, wet dose, once a day in the night (to protect heart)

On a daily basis, take Bryonia 6 and Aconite 30 together, twice a day for several months.


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