Throat Pain

Sore Throat (Courtesy, Eli G Jones):   
 Dosage  Medicine     Note
 1st Medicine  Phytolacca 30 and Gelsemium 30 Take these two medicines together. Repeat every 2, 3 or 4 hours, based on pain. Stop if better or pain gone.
For goggling, use BETADINE, Germicide Gargle 2% (iodine, 2% solution). Available in India in Allopathic Medical shops, manufactured by Win Medicare, New Delhi
The old saying about salt water (sea salt) is good, but not any where close to the effectivenss of iodine.  In several cases, only BETADINE cured the sore throat with no Homeopathic medicines taken.
Bryonia 200c, in wet dose, repeated every 2 hours never fails for sore throat (Joepathy). Very worth trying...