Ovary Cyst:
First two weeks: (to promote toxic elimination)
Start with Thuja 200 on Sunday and Wed, one dose in the morning and Silicea 30, one dose on Tue and Friday. 
From week 3 onwards (systemic weakness is the common underlying cause of PCOS. The following medicines are aimed to strengthern the internal organs and found very effective in melting away the PCOS)
Medicine: Kali Brom 6x, 3 tablets, in the morning and evening. Bellis Per 30, one dose either in the early morning or late night, in wet dose
Phos 200 once a week during the same time.
Dont give Milk close to the dose, as milk seems to slow down the action of Kali Brom
After 2 months, adjust the dosage: Stop Phos 200 and take Kali Brom 6x, once every night
Apis Mel 30 and Ars Alb 30 alternately
Nux Vomica 30 and Cocculus 30 alternately