Night Fall

NightFall, loosing semen during dreams
 Dosage  Medicine     Note
 1st Medicine  Natrum Phos 30    

one dose, once in the evening, every day till night fall stops, then less frequently. If no difference is seen, then replace it with Dioscorea 30, but twice daily.

 2nd Medicine  Silicea 30 one dose, once in the morning, every day till persistent sexual thought reduces from the mind.
In all cases, a system weakness is noticed. The medicine that is found most reliable in recovering the weakness due to long standing night fall or masturbation is Kali Brom 6x, 3 tablets, every night and Bellis Per 30, in wet doses, every morning for several months, till a total recovery in weakness is noticed.
Taking CHAVANPRASH, an Indian Herbal Medicine is great to restore general health. This is taken, every morning in emptly stomach
Excellent Synergy, improvesps : Bellis Per 30 - 1 dose. 1 or 2 hours later Kali Brom 3x - 3 tablets. Silicea 30 on the same morning to prevent Night Fall.
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Phytolacca 6c, when taken in the night has the benefit of stopping night fall even when sexual dreams are present!
Other medicines, that is also used, but not necessarily to be added:
Baryta Carb 200, once a week