Menses Absent: Kali Brom 3x or 6x in tablet form (not pellets). 3 tablets, once in the morning for nearly 1 month. Never fails. results are permananet
Menses Late: Puls Q; Menses Early: Puls 30. See Nawaz's post:
 Well, usually, I prescribe Pulsatilla Q when the periods are late. Initially, 3 times a day, for 5 days, then, looking at the response, I increase the number of days until the period start. The remedy must be stopped at that time as Pulsatilla must not be taken during period.
If the periods are earlier than the expected date, 1-3 days early is Ok, then, Pulsatilla 30C does the job. I've been getting very good results. (Nawaz)